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Digital channels & campaigns influence in Salesforce

September 20, 2023
4 min read

We're delighted to announce an awesome new feature for marketers, advanced channels and campaigns influence for leads and opportunities in Salesforce.

Advanced channels and campaigns influence enables marketers to identify exactly how many Salesforce leads and how much Salesforce opportunities revenue have been generated per specific digital channels (SEO, Social Organic, SEA, Social Ads,...) and campaigns (Google Ads campaign A, Linkedin campaign B,...)

Heeet automatically passes to Salesforce each online interactions you prospect had before filling a form on your website enabling you to see the channels and campaigns influence directly on your lead record

Tracking each online interaction will enable you to measure accurately how your different online channels and campaigns contribute to your lead acquisition.

In addition, channels and campaigns influence will also make it possible to have a clear understanding on how they influence your closed won revenue on opportunities in Salesforce.

Finally, you'll get a clear understanding on how each of your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and Bing Ads influenced your closed won revenue.

We'll announce another feature soon to extend our channels and campaigns influence to other Salesforce "standard" campaigns (such as event, email,...), keep an eye on our next announcements ;)

Meanwhile, feel free to request a channels and campaigns influence in Salesforce demo by clicking here.

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