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Customizable campaign influence in Salesforce

September 20, 2023
5 min read

First Touch, Last Touch, Linear, U Shape....there are a lot of different marketing attribution models available when you want to measure how each digital touchpoints influenced your revenue.

Heeet allows you to easily configure how revenue attribution should be calculated.

Then let's take the following user journey as an example.

First Click: prospect clicked on your company page link on Linkedin
Intermediary clicks: 2 clicks on Google Ads Campaign, 1 click on a Linkedin Ads, 3 clicks through SEO
Last Click: Direct

Here is what data you will get in Salesforce using Heeet.

On Lead level

You'll be able to see multiple insights such as number of digital interactions, first and last click acquisition data, number of days between first visit and form completion, acquisition costs.
You'll also get insights on how each digital channels influence prospect journey.

This lead is converted into a 10000$ opportunity, here is how the revenue will be splitted on it.

Then when looking at your Campaigns in Salesforce, you'll have an accurate view of their performances (costs, cpc, influenced revenue,...)

Finally, Heeet will provide you with various reports and dashboards to unify all your marketing metrics directly in Salesforce.

That's it, you easily implemente advanced revenue attribution in Salesforce. Book a demo if you want more information ;)

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