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Measuring SEO ROI in Salesforce

September 20, 2023
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SEO is becoming more and more important each day and setting up a performing SEO strategy can quickly become expensive due to the resources required (internal SEO resources such as copywriters and developers, external resources if working with agencies or freelance, and SEO tools).

But how can you measure that ROI is profitable or not?

For ecommerce companies, selling product online, it's quite easy since you can look at all purchases coming from or influenced by SEO.

But what about measuring SEO ROI when you have an online lead generation process and an offline sales process?

In order to measure SEO impact on your Salesforce "offline" conversions, you need to make sure you collect SEO influence for every inbound lead, using Heeet for example ;)

By identifying how many times an online lead came on your website from SEO compare to how many times he came from all channels, you'll then be able to identify what's SEO influence during lead journey prior a form was completed.

Moreover, if you pass those lead information on the opportunity record using lead field mapping, you'll then be able to attribute part of your revenue to your SEO efforts.

You want to learn more about SEO ROI calculation in Salesforce? Please feel free to book a demo by clicking here.

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